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Had a break in the vacation and spent the last two days making the floor shine. Note to self: When you continue to work in a building after the hardwood floors have been laid, cover them.

A small knife, a wash rag, and 22 hours is what you need to remove traces of six months of building. Paint, glue, concrete, dust and chocolate were the main ingredients. At least   the difference was severe!


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We almost made it! The library team will take a three week vacation, starting up again in the end of july. We only have some minor tasks remaining, but hopefully we`ll finish after a few days work.

All the books have been moved, the carpet has arrived(only needs some small adjustments), we casted the north side and hardmounted the bikeracks, and did alot of small tasks that had to be done (Including washing off six months of dust from the windows).

When we come back we will clad the exterior columns, adjust and refine the ceiling lamps, do a final clean and wash, and start the next task, reconstructing the old library to offices!


Have a great summer!IMG_1289 IMG_1290 IMG_1291

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-Moved some books, almost finished now

-Prepared and moved concrete furnitures

-Sanded the desks

-Plated the three holes in the walls over the electricity system(the bridges)

-Casted a small ramp

-Finished removing and plating one of the walls in the copyroom

-Started preparing the old library for reconstruction starting in August


Almost empty! IMG_1280 IMG_1285 IMG_1287

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Pics or it didn`t happen

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Today: Casted parts of the entrance. Replaced some bad plywood plates. Replaced all the metallic dots from the chairs with plastic ones. Last layer of varnish on desks and shelves.

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