Update: Last week of work on site

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-We are finishing painting the inner walls tomorrow morning.
-The fittings for the windows have been sanded and ready for the last varnish.
-On wednesday we will start assembling the bamboo floor.

Six students have gotten permission to work one more week, and then the course is officially over.
We have a lot to do…
This is the list over things thats left, and probably there is alot more we couldn`t remember.

Major clean up, all tools and materials in the hall has to be placed somewhere
Make documentation for the school for maintenance:
How is the floor to be treated?
What type of paint and varnish have we used?
How can you remove windows for cleaning?
List of suppliers and details for technical solutions

Mount shelves
Drill 80 holes for reenforcement steel for the shelves
Mount lights for the desks
Mount desks
Mount all lighting in the roof
Make mattress for the benches
Make legs/frame for the concrete table
Weld the last latter for the shelves
Make a closing system for the shelves
Make shelves and drawers for the librarian

Finish painting inside walls
Plate the last three holes around the temporary door
Silicone around intersection with beams and plywood
Insulate /celluose
Exchange broken window?
Mount exterior windows towards the hall
Mount last four windows in the big window
Assemble floor(from wednesday)
Make moldings for the floor(plywood 0,12×10?)
Mount moldings for the windows
Make sure we have what we need of materials for mounting the door in mid of February
Plates on the lower part of the big window
Oil floor Woca

Finish cladding north side
Finish cladding three small walls westside
Finish bench
Silicone on all vertical gaps between windows
Exchange all screws on outside windows, silicone the holes
Remove concrete slab on north side outside bench.
Make formwork and cast new foundations outside both interior benches
Order and mount water pipes on north side to avoid water running in to foundations
Cast the edge on the north side with concrete

Finish plating wooden walls+insulation
Finish plastic walls on the inside, +over the sliding door
Finish plating roof in the cold zone
Insulate and plate roof in copy room
Make outside door
Buy a small broomingedge for the sliding door for the copy room
Plate roof between beam and library
Fix the bridge
Epoxy coating floor
Make furniture for keeping paper and ink
Screw windowframes to the ground
Paint copy room because of different colors in the plates?

Metal around windows
Finish underfloor heating
Wire all electricity+phone
Add security system for entering the library
Build a terrace outside the door to the sea

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4 Responses to Update: Last week of work on site

  1. kittycolsen says:

    This is nothing, Easy to do. I know you can do it!! Its going to be fantastic!! Best library ever!!!!

  2. Oil on canvas says:

    Whats a broomingedge?

    • Good question, it`s a semidirect translation of the Norwegian word børstelist. Didn´t take the time to find out the proper name. It`s the thing you have on the edges of slidingdoors to avoid dust from coming in to your closet.

  3. quentincolas says:

    What if the “Interior” part is done by the Furnitures group ? That’s the least they can do.

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