Pictures from today

Outer facade more or less finished, waiting for the last window fittings which will be mounted tomorrowIMG_0717

The bamboo floor is on its way too!IMG_0719

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5 Responses to Pictures from today

  1. lise says:

    Whaaaaaaat? dokker e komt saaaaa langt! Blir helt fantastisk fint!
    You guys have done SUCH e GREAT job! Looks incredible!!

  2. Martin says:

    It is quite amazing. Just imagine if every semester built or did something this grate for the school?

  3. kittycolsen says:

    I LOVE THE FLOOOOOOOR!!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. And it is put perfectly on its place. Thank you guys, looks fantastico.

  4. kittycolsen says:

    Still fantastic.. Best library ever!

  5. Thomascarl says:

    Great job guys!

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