The lamps have arrived!



The work is going a bit slowly these days, as our new course has intensified a bit. Also some of us are at home puking our guts out.

The desks arrived a couple of days ago, and will hopefully be mounted next week.

Mounting of the lamps is already started, but I hope to finish it in the weekend.

There is alot of small tasks that needs to be done, which are not really that visible for others to see, so we`re using quite big amounts of time fixing details.

I think we will push the final deadline for the project, and hope that during April we will bang the last nail.

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3 Responses to The lamps have arrived!

  1. Martin says:

    As long as it is finished and opened before the diploma is finished I will be happy. Looks grate as always 🙂

  2. kittycolsen says:

    Fantastico! I am looking forward to see them finished. Good choice of lamps 🙂

  3. lise says:

    Good work you guys! Wish I could help!!!!!
    The lamps look great, like everything else;)

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