All the shelves are up!

All the shelves are up!

The shelves are finished for this time, and we will discuss further options when all the old librarymembers of 4th year are back together in april.
The roof in the entrance is insulated and we`ve had a big cleanup in the hall!(much needed)

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4 Responses to All the shelves are up!

  1. Quentin says:

    The shelves work is amazing ! Thank you for the time you’ve put into it.
    We talked about it with Cecilie, now, drinking a beer on a Shenzhen terrace, and we agree that the shelf by the big windows could look better one story less. Have you tried removing the wood ribbon by the wall shelf ?
    This beer is for you guys, cheers to the library ! It’s a pride and relief at the same time. BEST.

  2. We´ve discussed the envelope on the wallshelf and decided to go to a more extreme extent, and added a envelope on both sides, instead of removing the one you`re talking about. This was what we found worked the best, but this is up for discussion when everyone is home again. It´s a to min. job to remove them both again, they have no structural purpose. We will switch the two low shelves, as the one to the north have one shelf less, so it will function as a table in some sense.
    Today the door came, and it`s going to be exiting to put it in. I think it is extremely heavy, so we`ll se how we manage.
    Best, Anders

    • quentincolas says:

      Ah! It’s so good to have news. I’ve never had any doubts about your skills and indeed it all sounds good. I’m so sad not to be here for the big door. You guys gonna have fun removing the plates to put it in. Say hi to people for me 😉

  3. Gøril says:

    Anders, you are doing such a great job!

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