Inner Walls’ Blooming

Your wildest dream is coming true ! The process for these walls is happening right now.

The main structure, including customized columns and light wooden beams, is up. We are now focusing on the secondary structure that will hold the windows. It consists of 2 columns on each side of the window and beams framing it on bottom and top. As you can see on the pictures, we’ve added a small middle column to strengthen it. All the pieces are unique, and already cut.

Then, we ended the day by finding out, through a sample, how to really fix the windows in their frames. We found out a good solution by adding extra pieces to level and press the windows, and some rubber to seal the whole thing. You should just come, and see by yourself !

This building process is, for most of us, a huge learning experience. Fortunately, even if we’ve been a little slow today, we planned it well enough to stick quiet a lot to our drawings. But we have to adapt it according to the issues we meet everyday in situ.

Thanks for the interest you all show in our construction site and thanks to Kjelld-Vidar, BAS’ best vaktmester !

P.S. : As you can see the Library is clean so then tomorrow the Floor Group can take it to another level.
P.S. 2 : We’re missing a lot of Library members, most of them due to illness. We tell them to take care and wish they’ll be back soon.

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9 Responses to Inner Walls’ Blooming

  1. Good joob, the last picture looks excellent. Just wait till tomorrow when the floorgroup is back, we will rock your world with waterbound heating…

  2. Monsjø: I stole your picture and put it on BAS´s Facebook page, hopefully you`ll forgive me!

  3. minsteinkan says:

    great Quentin! looks good… i love the comment “All the pieces are unique!” which basically means that we are spending looooads of time not sticking to a standardized solution =)

  4. birgittejh says:

    Looks great! Look forward to checking it out!

  5. Martin says:

    Looks amazing! Grate work! Looks much better than in my dreams. And I meen that literally. Because this night I dremt about the library (and a lot other crazy build projects) at BAS. And from the images posted here, I can say that the real thing looks much better!

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