Casting of the entrance/copyroom/exhibition space


IMG_0589 IMG_0586 IMG_0584



Today we casted the last bit of the library. A few days behind schedule, but we had to make sure everything was perfect this time, as we were going to do it ourselves without help from professionals.

Our biggest fear was that the car from Norbetong would be too big, but everything wne smoothly. Is it completely level? Are we as good as the professionals? Definately no. But we think it should suffice, we are counting on the screed(avretting) to make all our flaws perfect. This will be done the last day before christmas as this has a bit slower hardening process than the concrete.

Later this week we will start building formwork for the creed and place the boards for the waterbound heating.


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3 Responses to Casting of the entrance/copyroom/exhibition space

  1. Kristina says:


  2. kittycolsen says:

    The best concrete I ever seen! Fantastico! And the Norbetong truck looks like a toytruck inside the big hall. I love it 🙂

  3. quentincolas says:

    You forgot to talk about Kjelld-Vidar’s amazing trillebår art work. It stole the show.

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