Roof sketch

Roof sketch

A preliminary sketch of the concept of the roof. So far we have talked about a system that doesn`t need to be fully designed when we`re starting building. This means that the overall concept and materials are set, but then the local adjustments are considered under the mounting. This is for to main reasons:

-We have the possibility to check and reconsider 1:1

-The students who are helping us after christmas get a bigger say in the final outcome.

In this concept the roof consists of houndreds of vertical elements that creates a movement(reversed landscape) in the ceiling. This can be wood, plastic, cardboard etc.

This can be a dust collector, so we have to consider the disadvantages with all the single elements. At the same time we hope this will have a major impact on the acoustics together with the top level of the floor. We will try to investigate acoustics in scientific and smart(?) way(don`t know how yet).

This also gives us a great opportunity to knot the inside/outside together as this system is just based on mountingpoints. So for the envelope towards the hall to the east, and over the bench to the sea in west we could use this for something clever. Over the entrance/copyroom it could also continue out towards the cantina. Don`t know just why yet.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree! I still am stunned this keeps happening again and again in modern day times. This news was well received as I am not running. We would love to have pondered for the future. Anyway I will keep track of this situation to this.

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