Furniture group are today discussing further the topics from friday

The discussion was once again:
The use of the library, how flexible should it be?

It seems (?) as the school have a need for more rooms/auditoriums for one class or smaller groups to use for work and presentations (group room).
But do we think the library should cover this need? And if so, do we lose other important qualities in the library?

The shelves role in the library and in the zoning of the room:

  • Should the shelves be consentrated and take as little space as possible? To make the room as flexible (and big) as possibly for various kinds of use. Mobile shelves is then a oportunity.
  • Or should the shelves be a bigger part of the zoning in the room? (possibly as static shelves) And underline the already decided zones, and make them as good as possible. Alerady there are made space for groups, but not very big groups.
  • Or could we solve everyting at once?
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