Summary from the meeting 05.11

How do we respond to the visual and structural surroundings at Bas?
The existing surroundings have a rough expression and a lot of visual noise, still it has a logic. To continue at this strucutural logic, but with a different/contrasting material language.

Since this is a library, it should be a quiet space, and maybe also have a calm and silent visual language.
To get the calmens into the visual language of the library. We continue the structural language, but we adjust the material language into something silent / quiet, which will contrast the existing surfaces and materials of the school.

We figure out what we need, and try to get it for free / sponsored / cheap. And then adjust what we find to the original idea and work from there.

What do you do and why do you do it?
Make a statement on how and why you make your fadace/floor/furniture the way you do it. Make these statements connect to all parts of the library, and show that each part is a part of the same project. All the groups (inner wall/outer wall/floor and ceiling /furniture) have different starting points for the design, still they should work with the same visual language, the same library.

Also, when we have reviews, prepare with drawings in 1.25, and of course also other pictures and drawings you find necessary, the model, or use pdf, so that everyone can see what you are talking about.  Small sketches in a small sketchbook is bot difficult to see and comment on.

We need precise drawings. And we want them pinned up on the wall. What if:
The floor / ceiling group draw and print (1.25) the plan
The outer wall group draw and print the two facades and print them (1.25)
The inner wall group draw and print the facades / section and print them (1.25)
The furniture draw into the plan the zoning and what is decided so far. (1.25)

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