Guide to blogpost and google drive

Add your new gmail adress as a comment to this blogpost and we will send you a invitation. The comments should include everyones email so that when you create a group in the “contacts” page you can find all emails here.



For questions about the google drive, ask Viktor!

Save all your information in google drive. Use it as the folder for all your material during the semester. Share the things you want to share. Don’t forget the YY.MM.DD format.
Post on the blog what ever you want, in what ever format you want.
Save the relevant information from every task in an indesign file. We will give you a template in portrait A4.

Do not post a task before the last deadline!
Deadline for posting your readingspace on the blog (if you want to): Sunday 30.09 / Tag: Readingspace
Deadline for posting the task from Fjærland (photos, your drawings, what ever you want to): Tuesday 02.10 / Tag: Fjærland
Deadline for posting the task from Harald R. course: Wednesday 03.10.
Remember to post in a category and make a tag.

Emails so far:

For emails mail me at viktorsvantesson at gmail

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